7 Creative Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas is upon us again. Everyone is breaking out the decorations and getting ready for one of the best holidays in the entire year! When decorating the house for Christmas, a little creativity goes a long way, so in an effort to inspire you to decorate your home differently and make it something special that will stand out from everyone else’s, we’re presenting you with some creative Christmas decorating ideas.

  • Pick a Theme

Before you even begin to think about decorating your home for Christmas, you will want to choose a color pattern and theme. Planning your Christmas decorations is the best way to make sure that your color scheme is consistent around the home. Once you have decided on a color scheme it is time to set your mind on a theme (like snowmen, or snowflakes, or nutcrackers) and stick to it!

  • Start Outside 

The worst part about preparing for the holidays may be the amount of time you spend hanging half-dead lights around your home, but it is essential to enhance the holiday spirit! Starting outside, decorate your front yard and the face of your home with Christmas lights. You can be as conservative or as wacky as you like, whether you choose to go for a small run of plain lights, or a full Clark Griswald, we promise your neighbors will appreciate the holiday effort!

  • Get Creative With Your Christmas Cards

Everybody loves to send a best wishes card at Christmas, but what do you do with them once they are opened? Instead of piling them up on a dresser or desk, use them to decorate your house. You can try hanging your Christmas greeting cards on a garland to add some festive cheer to your walls or use a side table tree for displaying cards!

  • Use Your Senses

If it doesn’t smell like cinnamon or hot cocoa in your home, is it really even Christmas? Create a festive aroma with the smell of cinnamon, orange and pine cones. You can use anything from stovetop potpourri, scented candles, air freshener, fragrance sticks, or even a combination of all of them to achieve the perfect aroma. Just make sure to not go too overboard by mixing too many of those options.

  • Advent Calendar

For an alternative and fun way to count down the days until Christmas Day, swap your average chocolate advent calendar with a life size one. Create your own bags or boxes with numbers on them and get creative with surprises inside for children. If you aren’t a DIY project lover there are lots of options for alternative advent calendars!

  • Don’t Forget the Stairs

Garlands or ribbons up your staircase make for an eye-catching decoration in the hallway. You can either use natural pine and berries or go for an artificial option. You can also put a modern twist by decorating your stairs with themed garlands that fit the style of your home!

  • The Christmas Tree

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a Christmas tree! Whether you choose to go au natural, a funky color, or even a simple artificial tree, a Christmas tree is the one thing you absolutely must have to make your home feel festive. There are many styles you can use when it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, from rustic to modern, but remember that your tree is the statement piece of your home so make it count.

Get Started!

Decorating for Christmas is the perfect time to get the family together, while playing holiday music, brewing steaming hot chocolate and enjoying each other’s company. The main joy of Christmas is the people that are surrounding you so make this experience stress free and memorable. Afterall, decorating for Christmas isn’t meant to be a task that is checked off the list… leave that duty to Santa. Your only job is to create a holly jolly household for you and your family. Don’t let us keep you waiting, go decorate your home!