How the Current Market Is Affecting Interest Rates

There is a lot of uncertainty and volatility in the world right now and the markets are responding. Much is unknown about the direction the real estate market and economy is heading, but there are some key indicators that tend to play out in mortgage rates. And, at least for right now, these indicators have historically impacted mortgage rates positively.

Performance Indicators That Impact Mortgage Rates

Market stock indexes, oil prices, gold prices, and ten-year treasury yields can all impact mortgage rates in the following ways:

•        When the stock indexes fall, mortgage rates tend to improve.

•        When oil prices drop, mortgage rates tend to improve.

•        When gold prices rise, mortgage rates tend to improve.

•        When ten-year treasury yields decrease, mortgage rates tend to improve. 

Right now, every one of these performance indicators are acting in a way that benefits mortgage rates. If you are looking to buy a home, right now is actually a great time to do so. Additionally, it is expected the seller’s market will lessen in 2020, which is good for the home buyer.

Spring Is a Good Time To Buy

In addition to other market factors, the fact that Spring has sprung also bodes well for the housing market. This is, historically, the busiest time of year for U.S. home sales. With other things being in limbo right now, investing in a home while mortgage rates are low and other investments are unpredictable may be a very wise investment.

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A Good Time To Buy

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